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Coaching, Awakening + Breakthrough Sessions

Learning to open is the key to the life you want - freedom, abundance, connection, adventure & more. I live my life how I choose and without limitation. I experience synchronicity, adventure, love & growth - and I am passionate about teaching others to navigate their experiences with ease, grace & clarity. Contact me for coaching packages, I offer everything from a 4-month online immersion + retreat to fully customized packages. The goal: to truly get you to a place where you can live whole, connected, intentional, open & free in order to design the life you love and actually create it. My intention is for us all to remember who we really are - pure love - and I can help you get there. I am here to create a doorway that looks like your freedom. I will help you walk through it.

Yoga, Retreats + Play

Teaching yoga is one of my highest joys. With over twelve years experience, yoga has been the most transformative practice in my life for quite some time. Let me be your guide while you learn to listen to your body's infinite wisdom, how to breathe deeply, move more mindfully, bring peace into your every day experience, live with intention and connect to your heart. I teach private classes, handstand and inversion workshops, group sessions, private events, and retreats. Saying you're not flexible enough to practice yoga is like saying you're too dirty to take a bath. There is a reason it has been practiced for 5,000 years - it produces results immediately, and they last forever. Check my schedule tab for group offerings or contact me for a special session.

Health + Nutrition

Love your body from the inside out through plant-based living, gut health & nutritional healing. I create personalized guides to plant-based health and meal building, supporting dozens of clients in feeling and looking better. I bring in my experience as a yacht chef, a lifetime of plant-based living, a certification in Nutrition from Cornell, and a ton of passion. You bring an open mind and a commitment to making aligned choices. Through intentional eating we go from waking up with low energy, headaches, a bloated tummy & cloudy thoughts to rising each morning feeling energized, light, excited, clear & pain-free. The results & data speak for themselves - let me help you implement real health into your daily life & make your vitality accessible NOW.

Travel + Adventure

I am an experienced & avid explorer, having been all over the world for both work & pleasure. I am passionate about creating fulfilling & adventurous travel experiences full of connection & perspective-expanding moments. Travel leads us to explore infinite possibilities - we never know what is around the next corner. We live in the unexpected, constantly adapt, and seek zest out of life. We settle our minds, open to possibility and dive deeper into the truth that we are one. I would love to share travel stories and tips with you - I have lived all over California, The Virgin Islands, Argentina, Spain and traveled everywhere I could along the way. I truly live to discover, and I would be happy to help you plan your trip or personally guide you on your next adventure or retreat! Let's go!

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