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"Patience. Virtue. Compassion. These words represent the level of attention and sensitivity that Nina has brought to my life. The past two years have been filled with trials of losing family members and addiction. At times when I felt like giving up, Nina was there for me. She helped me to approach my problems with a tender love that I had never experienced. Instead of simply offering advice, she listened to me attentively, asking questions to guide me through my tribulations. Together, we comprised a plan of action to heal my mind and body. But the best part was her followup. After our coaching sessions, she made sure that I was sticking to the noble path. This personal touch was what I needed to triumph over personal issues and thrive in my new mindset. As a coach, she is exemplary. As a person, she is the epitome of loving kindness and compassion. I couldn't recommend her services more than the level of healing that she has already brought to my life." 

John Parker

"Nina is amazing!!!! I look forward to our sessions every week. She is so insightful, knowledgeable, and so easy to work with. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for a positive change in your life."
Erica Vercruysse
Yoga is all about balance. As an instructor, Nina creates an environment for her students in which they can challenge themselves while feeling safe and supported. Her soothing voice and generous smile blend perfectly with the discipline she instills in her students by guiding them through the rigors of a demanding vinyasa flow. Even after a stressful day, I always leave Nina's class feeling light, relaxed, and rejuvenated.”

Gabriel Cramer

Nina is an incredibly gifted yogi, teacher, coach, and overall human! I have learned so much from her in my yoga practice, on and off the mat. Not only is she extremely talented in athletic pursuits, but also with nutrition, plant-based cooking, and in matters of the mind and personal development. Nina guided me on the path to plant-based living years ago, and for that I am eternally grateful to her; this plant-based way of life that I learned from her has changed my life for the better forever! I also love her yoga classes, she helps push your practice in a healthy and constructive way. I highly recommend connecting with Nina if you are looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, overhaul or improve your diet/nutrition plan, and/or looking for a transformative personal development coach.

Angelo Castañeda

"I dread Mondays because of our usual mountain bike ride. There is a short but very steep hill which I fear because of not making it, falling and feeling my heart in my throat.

Sometimes I lay awake the night before unwillingly thinking about it.

This has been going on for years.

Last Monday morning I read your blog about not fearing being yourself in all circumstances.

Being yourself despite what others might think…

So, as I was going up the hill as your teaching surged, suddenly I stopped and walked the rest.

I had the most incredible liberating experience, I felt like a bird out of its cage. There was no blaming myself for not trying, there was no shame and no regret for not doing it despite of being observed from the top of the hill.

From now on I will look forward to another new Monday morning with no fear or regret just being myself in my own capacity.

Keep up your good work, I just wanted to let you know your work of love has great results.

Thank you so much, I love you."

Angelika Drake

I just wanted to tell you thanks. I realized in your yoga class I felt this sense of calm that I have not felt in years. A calmness and relaxation of my mind and afterwards a feeling of rejuvenation. I went to yoga again and was able to achieve that same experience. In the past, the only way I have been able to rest my mind in a similar way was through intense exercise. So I just wanted to say thank you, and when I return home, I am going to fully implement yoga into my life.”

Matthew Jimenez

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