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5 Easy Ways to Raise your Vibration

February 14, 2015

Yesterday morning, I saw this on my feed and it really spoke to me. But then I thought, what if people don't really understand this whole "vibrational match" thing and furthermore, how to raise their vibration in order to manifest the life of their dreams? And so, this blog was born. 


So what is this “vibration” stuff, anyway? Basically, everything in the universe has a vibration: humans, plants, inanimate objects, things floating around in space, your laptop, EVERYTHING. It’s science. However, for our purposes I will break it down to what you will most likely care about on a day-to-day basis. 


Oooooh, science. 


Simply put:

Awareness/Allowance = High Vibrations = Happy Thoughts = Awesomeness Manifesting

Resistance = Low Vibrations = Negative Thoughts = Life is a Bummer


How do you know if your vibrations are high? Easy! Are you loving everyone? Accepting life, challenges, situations, with an easy-going, it’s-going-to-work-out-how-it’s-supposed-to-attitude? Are you coming across really cool “coincidences?” Do random people smile at you? Do things often just “work out” so well that you know it just cannot be an accident, and you feel like life is cheering you on? These, among many, many other signs, are good indicators that you are vibrating high! (Quick side note – Not everyone is going to love you when you’re vibrating high. Those who are on a low vibration may either latch on to vibrate higher, or they may reject you completely. If they reject you, don’t take it personal. Take nothing personal.) 


Life feels kinda like this when your frequency is high. Ahhh.



What if your vibrations are low? You may find things frustrating or impossible (like traffic, communication or travel interruptions, unexpected turning of events, your workload). Strangers, people who are not “on your level” or even some friends you may find annoying or irritating. Life feels as though it’s moving fast, and you cannot keep up. You feel resistant to new, challenging, outside-your-comfort-zone experiences. Stress levels are high, and you feel like the universe isn’t on your side (FYI – it is always on your side). These can be signs that you’re vibrating at a low frequency. 


Life can feel like this when your frequency is low. Ugghh.



So how do you move up the vibration scale? There are TONS of ways! Here I chose my 5 favorite and most accessible methods and broke them down for ya:



When our vibration is low, or when we’re in resistance, everything feels like it’s moving fast or out of control. We can’t keep up! Do something to give time to yourself, slow down, and ask yourself some questions to get your thoughts back higher. As Thaddeus Golas wrote, "What am I doing on a level of conciousness where this is real?" Why is traffic so bad? Maybe because you live somewhere that a lot of other people want to live? Well that’s not so bad. Slammed at work? Wow, you have a busy job that needs your attention! Stressed? Maybe you have so many amazing things in your life that you are spread thin amongst them. If someone is bothering you, why? Why are you in such resistance to them? Don’t let anyone take away your joy, your happiness. That’s yours. Let go of resistance, slow down and find the light in every situation. There is always light in every situation. Slow down. Take a nap, have a cup of chamomile tea, read a book, lay by the pool, go for a walk. Once you STOP, look for the positive and focus your thoughts/attention on that, your vibration is sure to follow, and you’ll feel back in control of your own mind (don’t let it control you!).


A little punctuation joke, from my grammar-loving heart to yours.


2. Help someone.

There are days when I’m having a rough go, and someone else needs my advice/energy/love, or I have to teach multiple yoga classes. Sometimes I think, “I feel low, how am I going to provide love for my friends or students right now?” Once I get in a space with others, I do everything in my power (we all have a lot) to be completely present for them. My entire being, for that timeframe, is dedicated to giving love – whether it be in the form of great adjustments, compassionate advice, a solid hug or just an open ear and mind. It’s crazy how many times (on those type-of-days) I’ve had students say, “Wow, thank you so much, I really needed that!” Recently, a woman was in tears after class, explaining that she received the love she truly needed that day. Can you imagine how I felt, too? Anything I was ever worried about before class simply melted away, I felt so pure and complete, to be able to provide that experience for another. Helping others (just for the sake of helping your brothers and sisters) raises your vibration in so many ways! When you see your ability to give joy and lightness, you see how easy and beautiful it is! It also takes your mind off whatever “problem” you may be focusing too much energy on. Your “problems” become silly and trivial when you realize we are all one, we are all the same, just navigating through life as though we’re separate. Helping others is a great reminder of our ONEness, a magical, comforting understanding!



People helpin' people, it's a beautiful thing! *High five*


3. Go outside.

Mother nature, whether you’re in the forest, mountains, desert or beach, has an incredibly soothing effect on us live beings. If you’re feeling low, take a hike or head to the beach. The negative ions in the ocean are scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your body – specifically the brain – and enhance our mood, senses, appetite, sex drive, and immune system! Again, you don’t have to take my word for it. It’s science. Google it. If you live in a big city, find a park and just sit in the grass.  Another thing that’s hot in the spiritual growth world these days is called “Earthing.” What the heck is earthing, you ask? Walking around barefoot, with the intention (notice the bold font here) to absorb the high vibrations and energy directly from the Earth. How simple is that!? Kick off your shoes, find some dirt, connect to Mother Nature. Boom! Vibrations lifted.


Barefoot is the default.


4. Shop for/prepare some delicious food.

No, by “delicious” I do not mean “cookies and cake.” Not that I’m opposed to treats (obviously). Here I’m talking fruits and vegetables. Ever find yourself roaming the grocery store and staring at which exact apple to buy? You may think it’s random, but it is not! You’re intuitively choosing your food, based on it’s vibration. Think about it – what we put in our bodies, becomes a part of us. I was once cooking dinner for a very high vibrational person, who has led my energy attunements along with tons of other magical and fun things in my life, and the first thing he said when he came into the house was, “Those are happy carrots! Wow!” I was in the zone when I chose our food that day, carefully selecting the carrots, kale and whatever spoke to me. So go to a Farmer’s Market or produce section and look for the happiest food there! Then eat it. You’d be surprised how effective this is. You are what you eat! 

Taste the (organic) rainbow.


5. Practice yoga.

I bet you thought I was going to list this first, huh? Clearly yoga is my go-to method for raising my vibration, grounding, and getting toned shoulders with a flat stomach to match (it’s always bikini season in St. Thomas). Whenever I feel things are moving too fast, yoga is my way to slow down, center myself, move my body, meditate, and take in some spiritual guidance. Most yoga instructors intentionally charge the space with positive energy throughout class, all you need to do is stay with your breath (ujjayi preferred) and absorb it. Many also begin or end class with an uplifting quote, mantra or reading and you’d be surprised how many times it just happens to be the exact one you need to hear! Making time for yourself, bringing awareness into your body, aligning your mind-body-spirit, and meditating in Savasana are all aspects of yoga that are likely to increase your vibration. Speaking of, meditation is often at the top of any “how to raise your vibration” guide, but even the word “meditate” is confusing and intimidating enough to shy away many readers. Yoga is a great way to introduce yourself to meditation – by the time your final Savasana comes around, you’re so beat that it almost happens naturally. And if it doesn’t, that’s ok too! Remember to have fun in yoga. Test your limits, trust, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh if you or someone else falls over or farts during a precarious pose (both happen all the time). The beautiful energy in a room full of yogis is bound to have a positive effect on your sense of being, guaranteed.


What do you call the heavy breathing that occurs when a yogi holds downward-facing dog?

Yoga pants. 


I hope this info helps you raise your vibration, choose happy thoughts, and start living the life you envision! Sidenote: If I were to write a sixth point, it would be to spend time around animals! Playing with a dog or kitty provides an instant shift for me. I'd love to hear what other methods you've tried! 


Remember: Negativity can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency. No go on, you high-vibrating, beautiful slice of universal magic, you!



Loving you all ways,

Nina Camille

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